Drop Zone

  • Drop Zone
  • Quinn EP (Skapunk) 1998 
  • Pint Size Punks (Skate-key) 1999 

What is about punk that attracts so many able young practitioners? The four members of Sparta, New Jersey’s Drop Zone — a couple of Murphy brothers, bassist Pat Marach and a guitar-playing singer named Steve who is pictured and listed but didn’t play on the record — were no more than 15 or 16 when they cut Pint Size Punks, a perfectly solid, well-played album of catchy, speedy rock cut with a few ska touches. (Chris and Kellen Murphy, after a detour into sports, are now partners in a real estate law firm, perhaps the most shocking development from this high-spirited fun.) Highlight: “The Music on the Radio Today.”

Quinn, released the previous year (!), has six songs, including two (“Quinn” and “A Helping Hand”) that reached the album.

[Ira Robbins]