Doctors Children

  • Doctors Children
  • Rose Cottage EP (UK Upright) 1986 
  • Girl With Green Eyes EP (UK Buffalo) 1987 
  • King Buffalo (Down There/Restless) 1987 
  • King Buffalo EP (UK Upright) 1987 

Combining the UK-only mini-albums — Rose Cottage and King Buffalo (Girl with Green Eyes is a song from the latter joined by an early demo and two radio session tracks) — into a full American longplayer, this British quartet shows off leader Paul Smith’s clever songwriting and artless singing on King Buffalo, as John Leckie’s production does justice (but little more) to arrangements which lean towards the hard-pop guitar sound of Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians. Matthew Woodman’s Hammond organ adds the only notable sonic element to these competent but rarely ear-catching tracks. For what it’s worth, the earlier, less-polished material from Rose Cottage has more bite and backbone in the playing, and leaves a stronger impression.

[Ira Robbins]