• Discharge
  • Discharge EP7 (UK Clay) 1980 
  • Fight Back EP7 (UK Clay) 1980 
  • Why (UK Clay) 1981 
  • Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing (UK Clay) 1982 
  • Never Again (UK Clay) 1983 
  • Warning–H.M. Government EP (UK Clay) 1983 
  • Grave New World (UK Clay) 1986 
  • The Singles Collection 1980 - 1986 (UK Clay) 1987 
  • Live at City Garden (UK Clay) 1990 
  • Massacre Divine (UK Clay) 1991 
  • Shootin' Up the World (UK Clay) 1993 
  • Seeing, Feeling, Bleeding (UK Nuclear Blast) 1994 

As the class of ’77 faded into the past (or the mainstream), England’s punk banner was taken up by a generation of harder, faster, tougher, less intellectual or arty bands, many of them far more politically outspoken than their predecessors. Oi. Discharge, from Stoke on Trent, had been playing around for several years by the time they got around to issuing albums. Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing is a great blast of energy. Bones’ guitar buzzes with electricity; the drums are loud and powerful. The words are difficult to understand, but Cal’s voice plays a crucial role in the frenzy that is Discharge.

[Charles P. Lamey]