Dif Juz

  • Dif Juz
  • Huremics EP (UK 4AD) 1981 
  • Vibrating Air EP (UK 4AD) 1981 
  • Who Says So EP (UK Red Flame) 1983 
  • Extractions (UK 4AD) 1985 
  • Out of the Trees (UK 4AD) 1986 

The cover of Huremics offers no information whatsoever about this British quartet; the disc consists of four obliquely titled mood-setting improvisational guitar/drums/bass instrumentals. Vibrating Air continues the enigmatic graphic pose and style, featuring four new diminutive atmospherics. While not exactly captivating fare, these slight records are actually quite nice and seem custom-made for scratch mixes, or for use as backing tracks of unwritten songs. Who Says So contains a third quartet of pieces.

The Cocteau Twins help out on the full-length Extractions LP: Robin Guthrie produced, and Liz Fraser became the first vocalist on a Dif Juz record. With the addition of prominent keyboards and sax, it’s not as ambient as prior work, shooting instead for a big, echoey sound, not unlike Simple Minds. As an instrumental band, Dif Juz must be vigilant not to fall into the nice-sound-few-ideas trap. They get by on Extractions, but just barely.

Out of the Trees combines Huremics in its original form with a partially re-recorded (and entirely remixed) version of Vibrating Air.

[Ira Robbins / David Sheridan]