Dalek I

  • Dalek I
  • Compass Kum'Pas (UK Back Door) 1980  (UK Fontana) 1989 
  • Holiday in Disneyland EP (UK Korova) 1982 
  • Dalek I Love You (UK Korova) 1983 

Following several different lineups during 1977 and 1978, Dalek I Love You’s name was shortened to Dalek I and the band reduced to a duo by the time their first album was recorded. Alan Gill and Dave Hughes (the former was subsequently guitarist in The Teardrop Explodes, the latter drummer on OMD’s first album) play a multitude of synths, guitars and percussion instruments on Compass Kum’Pas, an LP that should have been subtitled Yet Another Green World, what with its unabashedly Eno-esque soundscapes (not to mention a reading of the Kinks’ “You Really Got Me” that follows Eno’s 801 Live arrangement). Still, any group that can segue the dirgelike “A Suicide” into a bouncy, poppy ditty like “The Kiss” is quirky enough to warrant investigation; also, as an exercise in stereo, Compass Kum’Pas is a gem. A reformed Dalek I made a second album in 1983.

[Dave Schulps]