• Cosmopolitans
  • Wild Moose Party: New Wave Pom Pom Girls Gone Go-Go, NYC 1980-1981 (Bacchus Archives) 2006 

Blend the B-52’s with the Fleshtones and multiply the resulting lunacy by a factor of ten and you’ll come up with something close to the Cosmopolitans, a short-lived, little remembered combo which flashed through the New York City club scene at the dawn of the ’80s. Formed at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill by a couple of fun-loving gals, Jamie K. Sims and Nel Moore, the Cosmopolitans followed their Athens soulmates north to the Big Apple to take their shot at the big time. Performing with a revolving cast of backing musicians (including Mitch Easter, Will Rigby, Chris Stamey, Faye Hunter and Marshall Crenshaw’s brother Robert), Sims and Moore managed to produce only one single during their brief career, but it was a doozy: a hyper cover of a ’50s housewife instructional record called “(How to Keep Your) Husband Happy” b/w “Wild Moose Party” (named after Sims’ gargantuan house cat, a truly massive beast judging from his photo). One of the most unhinged party singles of the new wave era, it remained the evidence of the group’s existence until the long-belated Wild Moose Party, which augments the single with demos and live performances. It’s all amazing stuff, frantically out-of-control party music that makes bands like the Lyres seem as staid as James Taylor. The enhanced disc also contains the gloriously primitive lo-fi video for “(How to Keep Your) Husband Happy.” This combo lived fast, died young and left a great-sounding corpse.

[Brad Reno]