Blind Idiot God

  • Blind Idiot God
  • Blind Idiot God (SST) 1987 
  • Purged Specimen EP (Enemy) 1989 
  • Undertow (Enemy) 1989 

Refusing to compromise their chops with some cut-rate rock vocalist, this young instrumental trio (originally from St. Louis but now living in Brooklyn) constructs a huge, brash sound influenced (consciously or not) by Blue Cheer, Jimi Hendrix, the Velvet Underground, the Meters (Blind Idiot God covers the Crescent City funk geniuses’ “More Time”), the Sex Pistols, Glenn Branca and Jamaican dub (their first LP concludes with a trio of dubwise treats). Simultaneously leaning towards heavy metal (with less ego) and reggae (with more voltage), these demonic decibel gluttons are having the time of their lives in hammer-of-the-gods territory.

[Richard Gehr]