• Bedhead
  • 4songCDEP19:10 EP (Trance Syndicate) 1994 
  • WhatFunLifeWas (Trance Syndicate) 1994  (Numero Group) 2020 
  • Beheaded (Trance Syndicate) 1996  (Numero Group) 2022 
  • The Dark Ages EP (Trance Syndicate) 1996 

Spawned in early 1992 in the unlikely locale of Dallas, Bedhead was an early harbinger of the mid-’90s slowcore semi-movement. The key word here is “languid,” even when the quartet (guitar-playing brothers Bubba and Matt Kadane, bassist Kris Wheat and drummer Trini Martinez) is playing hard: Matt’s lazy vocals, the unhurried tempos and intricately interwoven guitar/bass patterns that bear footprints of Spacemen 3 and New Order, as well as the occasional tread of Galaxie 500 and Codeine. (Bedhead covers Joy Division’s “Disorder” on the descriptively titled 4songCDEP19:10, which was recorded live to stereo in one take.) Yet unlike those groups, Bedhead evidently uses no gearboxes, its clean sonic sheets conveying enough tension and intensity to render effects unnecessary.

[Jem Aswad]