Bambi Slam

  • Bambi Slam
  • Is ... EP (Product Inc./Rough Trade) 1987 
  • The Bambi Slam (Blanco y Negro/Warner Bros.) 1988 

Admittedly inspired by the Jesus and Mary Chain, this Canadian-British quartet (guitar/bass/drums/cello!) takes a less claustrophobic and more rhythmic approach to noise-laden echo-pop than the Reids but still winds up sounding a lot like Psychocandy on Is, a six-track American compilation of British singles. Although not prominent in the mix, the big fiddle adds a nice touch to songs like “La, La, La (It’s Out of Hand)” and “Hit Me with Your Hairbrush.” Redundant but amusing.

Singer/guitarist Roy Feldon is all that remains of the Bambi Slam on the album, although his former bandmates add some cello, backing vocals and one drum track. Running the one-man show, Feldon gets an irritatingly raw sound from a rhythm machine and lots of equally coarse guitar; his singing is no mellifluous prize, either. Where the EP had a certain spirit and excitement, the album is draggy, ineffectual and repetitive, a parade of sounds rather than songs.

[Ira Robbins]