Baby Flies

  • Baby Flies
  • Rain (Hol. Resonance) 1988 
  • A Colorful View (Resonance) 1989 

If nothing else, bands with an established producer in their lineup can be assured of good-sounding records. That’s certainly the case with New York-scene studio-star-cum-bassist Jim Waters, whose Hoboken-sound pop trio makes a handsomely presented but nearly generic debut on Rain. For most of the album, Pat Waters’ thin, plain singing leaves the overly restrained (and laboriously paced) material at the starting gate. But then she cranks up a neat multi-voiced part on the chorus of “Iza Dream” and pumps handsome life into the song.

Although stronger, Pat’s folky delivery is still inadequate on A Colorful View, an occasionally lively record of simply attractive tunes arranged — with impressive new maturity and sophistication — for chiming guitars and subtle keyboards. A nice try, but the Baby Flies still need better singing and songwriting. (The CD adds six Rain songs.)

[Ira Robbins]