• B-Movie
  • Nowhere Girl EP (UK Dead Good) 1980 
  • Forever Running (Sire) 1985 
  • The Age of Illusion (Ger. No Emb Blanc) 2012  (Liaison Music) 2014 
  • Climate of Fear (Cleopatra) 2016 

“Nowhere Girl” got these British synth-poppers enough new wave notice in America to warrant a full MTV-era album in 1985, but they really needn’t have bothered. Their one “hit” is a percolating OMD soundalike brought low by the deep and unmusical voice of singer/bassist Steve Hovington.  The rest of Forever Running attempts a collection of other styles but proves neither as memorable nor as clever. (And points off for the pseudo-intellectual lyrics.)

The group didn’t last much longer after that but the original lineup reunited in 2004 and has since released a couple more albums. Climate of Fear includes four remixes of “Nowhere Girl.”

[Ira Robbins]