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Bram Tchaikovsky

Bram Tchaikovsky
January 26, 2004 05:47PM
I am a big fan of BT's first album, Strange Man Changed Man (1979), which I randomly bought at a rummage sale without ever having heard of them. Recently at another rummage sale I found their second album Pressure (AKA the Russians are Coming, 1980).

I swear somebody screwed up and put somebody else's music on a slab of vinyl with the words "Bram Tchaikovsky" printed on it. Side A is pure disco. I mean it's REALLY disco music, completely different from their first album. Then, to make things even more confusing, Side B returns to the sort of pop-punk of their first album, (though I don't think it's as good). Am I the only one who is confused by this apparent schizophrenia?

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Re: Bram Tchaikovsky
February 09, 2004 05:52AM
Bram Tchaikovsky is one of my all-time favorite new wave/power pop bands. I think all of their albums are great, and "Pressure" doesn't sound, to my ear at least, like a great departure from their first record. And the title track is fantastic, with the buzzing horn section.
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