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Revolution Summer

Revolution Summer
July 13, 2007 02:28PM
I picked up the soundtrack to Revolution Summer a couple of days ago, after learning of its existence via the TP update of the Jonathan Richman entry. Here's some of my thoughts about it:

Good Points: Just as the revised entry says, it does sound like the VU or the original Modern Lovers (I put on the 1st album right afterwards & it sounded perfect). Also, nice not to see the Franagan, Branagan & Iskovich Anti-Piracy warning mucking up the packaging.

Not So Good Points: The album only lasts a little more than 28 minutes, which is barely EP length, & I spent $12 (at a sales price, no less).

Bottom Line: For what it is, it's half decent & worth it to pick up or download if you're a Jonathan fan.
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