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Heartbreakers or Ramones?

Heartbreakers or Ramones?
October 27, 2004 10:06PM
Just want to throw this out there :Is "The Lost 77 mixes" version of L.A.M.F. THE definitive album of American punk rock?I love the Ramones but for me their debut is a top 25 album of all time and L.A.M.F. (in this version) is a top 10. I'm just talking musically, not in terms of "importance" or "influence".Hope Ira updates the Heartbreakers entry too. I always hate reading about the crappy original mix (or the somewhat botched "Revisited" version) - especially since this superior version has existed for 10 years.

Re: Heartbreakers or Ramones?
October 27, 2004 11:00PM
1. pere ubu The Modern Dance
2. Flipper Generic
3. Ramones' first
Re: Heartbreakers or Ramones?
October 28, 2004 04:46AM
I always thought the Heartbreakers were a bit 12 bar, as great as they were.
Nobody's better than the Ramones!
Re: Heartbreakers or Ramones?
October 29, 2004 04:35PM
Convince me. I became aware of the Heartbreakers in the 80's and discarded tham as merely iconic.
Re: Heartbreakers or Ramones?
October 29, 2004 10:05PM
I think the reason I give "L.A.M.F - The Lost 77 Mixes" the nod over any single Ramones record (the debut is their best) is that the Heartbreakers don't come off nearly as conceptual now as the Ramones do. L.A.M.F. is just a blaring, ferocious rock album where with Ramones I always identify the deconstruction in the approach - I'm too aware of it, it's too conscious.

Love the Ramones though, just drawing the comparison for discussions sake. Both albums are personal faves.
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