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Re: rolling papers

rolling papers
October 23, 2004 11:50AM
both greg shaw and IR have mentioned Zig Zag Mag's Family Trees as cool influences on their nascent careers; i, too--i am unfit for that or any other company--was mesmerised: moving out my senior year in HS ('74) into house with employees at cool mall record store (oxymoronic, but true) we scoured those little trees for connections, insights, and mini-truths. The world made more sense with each passing tree.

Now, the gist, as my Driver Leon Errol would demand:

Where are they? Collected? Book form? Internet Site? I didst me a googling--don't tell my wife--and came up with New Riders of the PS one, and although microscopic it awashed me with nostalgia.

Don't send me to England: re-prints of Early Zig Zags go for mucho pounds, and all I want are the bloody trees.

Listening Pleasures:
Re-Mastered Surrealistic Pillow--Wow!
The Real Kids
Carter Family (thanks NYPL!!!)
Rev Al
Early John Lee on WBGO as we speak
Re: rolling papers
October 23, 2004 08:10PM
there are two books, later compiled into one. try amazon.
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