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an emotional fish

an emotional fish
October 17, 2004 03:38PM
A reader writes:

I would just like to comment on the review of An Emotional Fish on your website. On it the author launches a scathing attack on the band. I personally know Gerard Whelan the lead singer and he wrote songs about what his and his band went through, how their lives changed and the emotions they experienced on the way. The band were cruelly killed off by record company beuracracy while not yet at their peak. I am not asking for sympathy for them but the author could have at least understood what the songs were about and meant before just killing the band off. Being called the next U2 is no easy cross to carry and A.E.F. were a different band with a unique sound which the author just had to go and compare to others-often unfavourably.

The band were awesome live and Whelan is actually back on the music scene again in Ireland with a new band called Jerry Fish and the Mudbug Club who are absolutely fantastic. The music is indescribable to the point where you need a CD to show someone just how great they are. (www.jerry-fish.com have free downloadable samples to check out).
Please look at the band as an individual entity and not a piece of garbage to dictate to.

Fabio Power,
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