Green Filler
October 11, 2004 11:02PM
Remember the band Green Jelly? The guys who were called Green Jello but chickened out from using the copyrighted name and sounded like Gwar Lite for younger brothers not old enough to actually see Gwar? Sorry to bring back the ugly memory. Well, my brother still gets them confused with Green Day. I never liked Green Day that much and couldn't seperate them from the Nirvana-flow while at the same time feeling they didn't reach the heights of their brethren, Rancid. Just didn't care much for Billie's vocal delivery - the stretched out consonants and chopped vowels sounding like an affectation and the music was not far removed from, say, Good Charlotte. Sure, when it comes on the radio or MTV is sounds good but that is relative to the general wasteland. Recent LPs were an improvement, though slight. The point:::: I just finished hearing American Idiot and I am impressed. I hate to gush, but the first half is subtely catchy but not in a sugary pop-punk over the top way and the second half is good in place of what is usually mere filler. A theme (Jesus of Suburbia) runs through the proceeding lyrically and melodically. Though it may not measure up to my favorite releases of the last 6 months (which include Arcade Fire, Interpol and Libertines) but it is a great power pop release and, surprisingly, the band's best.

In the spirit of 'critique': It is derivative of Bad Religion (musically and lyrically) and of course the Who (structurally).

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