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Re: Where's STEVE?

Where's STEVE?
February 13, 2007 09:30PM
Did somebody ban him from the board? I kinda miss his Friday-night-stream-of-consciousness-after-a-few-bourbons rants....
Re: Where's STEVE?
February 13, 2007 10:37PM
Couldn't find his post, but he said (a few months ago?) he's trying to cut back on the drinkin' and a-postin.' Good news for his liver, bad news for our entertainment.
Re: Where's STEVE?
February 14, 2007 01:13AM
thanks fans, both of you.

Like the incompetant bass player i am , I also have been struggling with the fact that I shall never write like my idol (p.s. thanks for the new richard heyman update).
Nevertheless, it helps to be considered here as low budget friday night entertainment.

PS (again)
Indeed, I have cut back the last day of the work week (Im so blue collar) drinkin. However, I consistently make that deficit up starting noon Sunday.

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Re: Where's STEVE?
February 14, 2007 01:55AM
i was asked to do some work on ricahrd heymann--a few body punches, a kick to the kidney--and then i read TP's entry and say this, well it's better there and shorter and ...

i love that man's music soooo much

rationals' singles

aren't all bass player except bootsy incompetent?
Re: Where's STEVE?
February 14, 2007 02:10AM
howzit dr b?
i remember hearing bootsie on vinyl at about 14 or 15 and thinking to myself, is he allowed to do that? what planet spawned such an incredible imagination then stuck an instrument in his hands to communicate with the rest of us. a mind blowing individual achievement.

strangely enough though, in a band setting, arthur the killer kane still gets me off too

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Re: Where's STEVE?
February 14, 2007 04:38AM

> (p.s. thanks for the new richard heyman update).

well, i suppose it's less embarrassing than stephen burns' latest scruffs album (pop manifesto)...

but that doesn't exactly afford rxh much in the way of bragging rights.
Re: Where's STEVE?
February 14, 2007 05:08AM
fortunately, there's no need to listen to the old guys trying to remember how they shoulda usedta done it when we've got young guys around who know how...

and the award for best power pop single i've heard this decade goes to gentleman jesse and his men!

Re: Where's STEVE?
February 14, 2007 05:54PM
Idols? Killyrs. I learned, pretty late in life, that once you feel you've reached the proficiency of your influences, you naturally move on to new influences. Doesn't matter anyway cuz it's the journey not the destination (and other philosophical observations), so...

Hey does this work with drinkin/druggin, too: you can never outdo a Bukowski or a GG Allin? I've also only recently realized that my intolerance for alcohol is a blessing (I've had two days of bed from one drink; no knowledge of why). Our society has such a weird social relationship with drink: an alcoholic is revered over an abstainer; the decades-long temperance movement; the failure of prohibition but only as applied to this one substance, etc. I've long thought that (aside from the enormous historical relevance such as civilization-shaping symbiosis and agricultural implications to name two) that it simply has to do with how the drug is ingested. example a: nobody puts an umbrella in a pile of coke. example b: Sixx aside, nobody mainlines grain alcohol

Anywaze, can't speak about the effects on my writing or guitar playing but I do know that once you learn to mimic Page or Hendrix, you'll move on to Garcia or Thompson. Doesn't matter, though, cuz u r the expendable guy in the red shirt, the plucky comic relief. (Just kidding, keep posting. And good luck on the cuttin back)

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