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Re: Catching up

Catching up
February 13, 2007 04:02PM
A few items that don't seem to have garnered much notice around here:

* The new Buzzcocks album ("Flat Pack Philosophy") is excellent. Although I've seen the reformed Buzzcocks numerous times since 1989, I never even bought "Trade Test Transmissions" until last year. That said, both "TTT" and this new album are fine additions to the band's discography, and while only time will tell, most of this stuff is in the same league as their classic 70s material, IMO. Makes me want to investigate what else the band has been up to in the last 18 years.

* There isn't even an entry in the Guide for Carbon/Silicon? What's up with that? I had to find out about this group from the Onion AV Club. The band features Mick Jones and Tony James, and all of their albums are available for download from the band's website. The songs tend to be kind of repetitive, and some of them go on a little too long, but overall, it's good stuff. Not timeless Clash-level masterpieces, but good crunchy rock, somewhat reminiscent of BAD, but a little more "rocky" and less funky.

* Anyone else got tickets to see the upcoming Stooges tour?
Re: Catching up
February 14, 2007 07:21PM
Both *TTT* and *Flat-Pack* are excellent, agreed. The Buzzcocks album *All Set*, from 1996, is very much in the same league; highly recommended. The 2003 CD *Buzzcocks* is nearly as good.

The 1999 CD *Modern* is not a bad album, but it's not a very good Buzzcocks album. The songs are mostly sturdy, but they're given a synth-and-sequencer treatment that's more 1983 than modern. (On the other hand, fans of Pete Shelley's '80s solo stuff might like it a lot.)

I haven't heard the demo collection *Time's Up*, or any of the Buzzcocks' live releases.

"Everybody's Happy Nowadays"? Sure, everybody except Buzzcocks fans who see that AARP commercial.
Re: Catching up
February 14, 2007 07:43PM
It seems that the covers of the AARP magazine these days feature people who were on the cover of Rolling Stone in the 70s (Robin Williams, Sir Paul, Robert Diniro, Sally Field)
Re: Catching up
February 14, 2007 08:05PM
Everytime I hear that commercial with the Buzzcocks music I experience ridiculous joy. I haven't bought a record by them since 'A Differend Kind of Tension' but it isn't because I don't care.

The Stooges are playing at the WRONGEST possible venue for them here (The Warfield) which, basically, has a standing room in front of the stage that's hideously squishy, a seated 'restaurant style' table configuration behind that that's just wrong and dumb and a seated balcony area that goes back so far and so high there are still people finding there way out from concerts in the 80's.

Re: Catching up
February 14, 2007 09:24PM
I also like hearing the old Buzzcocks tune, "Everybody's Happy Nowadays" coming out of the TV. It reminds me of my youth in 1979-80. I loved that record back then. I haven't caught up with their new material and haven't really noticed much of it since Pete's Shelley's "Homosapian" back in the early 80's, though I did see them on the Late late show recently. I think I'll check out their new stuff.
Re: Catching up
April 10, 2007 07:57PM
Three albums and several EPs already released by Carbon Silicon.
Some good stuff in there but lots to hear.
Does anybody have any favorites?

Re: Catching up
April 10, 2007 08:23PM
I just downloaded a bunch of stuff at random. Based on the first 10-30 seconds of each tracks, here are the ones I like the most, four months later:

Be Good
Caesar's Palace
The Duel
Grow Up
The News
Second Time Around
The Truth
What the Fuck!
Why Do Men Fight

The last three are particularly good, but truth be told, when I put them all on "shuffle", they all flow together nicely and there are none that I'm likely to skip.
Re: Catch Up
May 15, 2007 11:50PM
i am digging "The News"
right up there with the best B.A.D. tracks

also investigating Mitch Easter's Dynamico
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