Feb TV Alert
February 13, 2007 04:32AM
Wednesday 14th
Apples - Conan

Thermals - Carson Daly

Re: Feb TV Alert
February 13, 2007 01:47PM
Saturday 24th:

Spoon - Austin City Limits (also the Killers, if anyone actually cares)
Re: Feb TV Alert
February 14, 2007 03:03AM
this reminds me, i saw (original lineup) dinosaur jr on Henry Rollins recently and thought them absolutely and simply smashing.
I've never followed either sebadoh or dino in the past, now i have this feeling that i might have missed something.
Did I?
Re: Feb TV Alert
February 14, 2007 12:05PM
sebadoh 3

dino bug

yes you're missing

The Blues Project anthology
Re: Feb TV Alert
February 14, 2007 06:19PM
Sebadoh - Smash You're Head
Dinosaur Juney - You're Living All Over me (vinyl or the merge re-release CD only)
Dino - Bug

yes you're missing

Dino were another band that were sidelined by, while still being lumped with, the post-Nirvana explosion. They were, of course, ten times better. They were also frustratingly labeled as grunge in that era. Why? Cuz Mascis' guitar sound has it's punk elements but it's the sound of a Marshall stack and a superfuzz; more arena/hardrock than indie or (whatever "alternative" means this year). Wasn't grunge though. Think "60s blues-influenced brit group becomes 70s arena rockers" instead of "slow grinding Alice in Chains/Green River-influenced/plaid-wearing every-guy sings about proud lack of self-importance".

A detailed listen to Mascis' best work (on those two albums) shows he's one of the greatest living axemen. His relationship with his instrument is fluid and, other than the sonic qualities, his influences are not apparent. I.E. there's a lot of natural expression. That said, the lyrics aren't usually that interesting. Listen to this band on a quality stereo or it won't reproduce fairly.

I like Sebadoh but find they were a)inconsistent b)too prolific - he felt that everytime he touched the record button, it was worthy of release. Smash is actually an American best-of two UK releases: Sebadoh vs. Helmet (a joke title: not actual covers of Helmet) and Rockin the Forest, making it one of their best. I agree with Baker that III is probably comparable but, as a double LP it has more dreck to wade through. Smash was my favorite album for a month in 92.

Dino were good live as was Mascis, even when his releases seemed a bit uninspired. Sebadoh stands as a candidate for the worst show I have seen ever and one of only two times I've been angry enough to demand a refund from the promoter (like that ever works). But that night demands a different thread.

Irony - it was barlow that went to the top of the charts (natural one)

Damn, I wish my TV system had Rollins.

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