September 21, 2004 10:21AM
Does anyone have any memories of this wonderful band, or know what happened to any of the members?

I saw Jacqui Ham's band Dial a few times before they moved from London to the US - they were great.

A poster on the Mojo message board is trying to put together a fan website on them, so any information would be gratefully accepted and acknowledged.

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Re: Ut
September 29, 2004 11:07PM
Thanks, LMG... here is cut-and-pasted version of my MOJO post.

Attn all post-punk types - especially you British. I am presently obsessing over the great NYC trio called Ut. They were from the no-wave era and they lasted until '89. For much of their career they called London home.

There is scant little info on the net (via Google) except for the usual two-sentene entry in the rock encyclopedia type sites.

there used to be a fan site a few years back, but it is no longer there. it was not being developed further at the time that i discovered it.

Anyway, i want to do my own fan site on this band. I am in touch with Steve Albini and he is on board with recollections and session data. I have a word in with Sonic Youth and am optimistic about there reply. I will have Ut's email addresses soon.

My site will include interviews with the above peeps, essays by me about the band's history and my ideas about their music. Hopefully i can include some interesting photos and fliers. The only pictures i have of them are from their record sleeves.

Do any of you have any information? Any fliers for shows? Any magazine articles? Photos? Recollections? Pass on my email address to non-Mojo people who may have any of the above or more.

Gratefully, OldBones

Life on mars is like that sometimes.
Re: Ut
September 29, 2004 11:08PM
o and by the way...

I did find the old fan site on the Internet Archive "Wayback Machine". Progress is at a crawl, though. Any help?

Life on mars is like that sometimes.
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