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Setlist from last Friday (19 April)

Setlist from last Friday (19 April)
April 22, 2024 01:00AM
David Haldeman and I did a new Freaky Friday swap last night. Here's what David came up with for "Twenty Flight Rock":

"New Europeans" – Ultravox
"Calling It" – Automatic
"I Can See It in Your Eyes" – Men at Work

"Time Goes By So Slow" – The Distractions
"Can't Be Sure" – The Sundays
"Windows" – Missing Persons

"Someone's Looking at You" – The Boomtown Rats
"I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night" – The Electric Prunes
"Pink Frost" – The Chills

"Could Have Been Me" – The Struts
"Let's Dance" – David Bowie
"May I?" – Kevin Ayers

"This Is My Paradise" – Bridgit Mendler
"Mistake" – Mike Oldfield
"Here Is the News" – Electric Light Orchestra

"In the Clear" – Winelips
"Transdermal Celebration" – Ween
"Cheater" – Pom Poko

"Ever Fallen in Love?" – Buzzcocks
"Orchid" – Psychic TV
"I Am the Seed" – Harp

"This Town" – Green River
"Nothin' in the World Can Stop Me Worryin''Bout That Girl" – The Kinks

"Tuning In" – Teen Mortgage
"The Tain, Part II" – The Decemberists
"Just Talk" – A.C. Marias

"Waitin' for the Wind" – Spooky Tooth
"Spinning Away" – John Cale & Brian Eno
"Hallogallo" – Neu!

And here's my take on "Dead Electric":

"Empire of the Senses" – Bill Nelson
"I Remember Death in the Afternoon" – Ultravox
"Endlessly" – John Foxx

"Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne" – Suicide
"Pleasure Boys" – Visage
"Astroboy and the Proles on Parade" – The Buggles

"In Your Head" – Moëv
"The Sound of the Crowd" – The Human League
"We Don't Need This Fascist Groove Thang" – Heaven 17

"Clones We're All" – Alice Cooper
"Too Loud" – Robert Plant
"Whammy Kiss" – The B-52's

"Tryouts for the Human Race" – Sparks
"Weightless" – Thomas Dolby
"A New Career in a New Town" – David Bowie
"Electricity" – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

"Streetplayer (Mechanik)" – Fashiøn
"The Super Thing" – Devo
"Atmosphere" – Joy Division

"Icehouse" – Icehouse
"Don't Stop the Music" – Yarbrough & Peoples
"Silicone on Sapphire" – The Clash
"Electric Café" – Kraftwerk

"State Farm" – Yazoo
"Everything Counts" [live] – Depeche Mode

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Re: Setlist from last Friday (19 April)
April 22, 2024 11:02AM
Is there a theme to Dead Electric or is it freeform like your show?

Teen Mortgage - good DC band that's managed to stay together for over 6 years (unusual for DC bands).
Re: Setlist from last Friday (19 April)
April 22, 2024 12:48PM
"Dead Electric" is focused on synthesizer music from the Seventies and Eighties -- or, as David puts it, "the sound of past futures."
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