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Re: zip code rapists

zip code rapists
December 08, 2003 11:27PM
does anyone know where i could get my hands on some of the old ZPR 7"s?
or am i just too late? thanks
Re: zip code rapists
January 09, 2004 02:07PM
It'll take some searching, I think. There is a CD out there, available on Amazon, but I'm not sure what's on it. Nothing on eBay right now, but that's probably your best bet for vinyl. Personally, I just found one of their old singles for 99 cents, and I'd never listened to them before. Now I know where Ween stole their schtick. I have the The Man Can't Bust Our Music! EP7. That's definitely worth getting, if you can find it.
Re: zip code rapists
January 13, 2004 03:39AM
thank you for replying. the one you have is the one i want. i hope you enjoy it like i would if i had it. take care.
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