Moonshake interview
February 26, 2024 07:33PM
Joshua Minsoo Kim's blog Tone Glow published an extensive interview with the Wolfhounds and Moonshake's Dave Callahan. He's written several books about birding!

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Re: Moonshake interview
February 27, 2024 08:39AM
That is an excellent interview. Moonshake and the Wolfhounds are two bands that I'd always liked everything I heard by, but fell into the "you can't buy everything" valley for me. I've got a copy of Eva Luna, as it was one of the albums that seemed pretty ubiquitous in the dollar bins after the 90s alternative bubble burst, and a few Wolfhounds tracks on various Cherry Red comps, but otherwise have never done much of a deep dive on either. I didn't even realize it was the same guy behind both. I'll be digging into both bands more after reading this.
Re: Moonshake interview
February 27, 2024 10:43AM
Atlantic chose EVA LUNA over EXILE IN GUYVILLE as their first Matador release to distribute. It did pop up in used CD bins constantly as a result.
Re: Moonshake interview
February 27, 2024 12:49PM
I remember Moonshake's stuff all over 90s alternative cutout bins, but didn't know Wolfhound was related in any way. There were a few Moonshake songs I recall liking.
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