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R.I.P. Mary Weiss

R.I.P. Mary Weiss
January 19, 2024 11:21PM
Damn. She'd just had her 75th birthday a few weeks ago.
Re: R.I.P. Mary Weiss
January 20, 2024 04:26AM
“Oh no
Oh no
Oh no no no”
Re: R.I.P. Mary Weiss
January 20, 2024 09:02AM
It's irritating that at this point in time, "oh no no no no no" is probably Weiss' most well-known bit of music, though at least most people don't know it's her, so it's not quite as bad as "Ha ha! Blue Oyster Cult! They're that dumb band that uses cowbell."

Trivia for the day - the piano on the Shangri-Las "Remember (Walking in the Sand" - where "oh no" was lifted from - may have been provided by a young Billy Joel. He played on the demo, and no one quite remembers which parts of the demo were retained on the final recording and which parts were replaced by session musicians.
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