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Re: Nude Restaurant

Nude Restaurant
September 19, 2023 09:15AM
Just a one-year-late psa for those who enjoyed the 1990s back in their 2007-09 active phase:
Their latest release (recorded 12 years ago as i understand it), is pretty tasty.
Re: Nude Restaurant
December 26, 2023 09:25AM
I recently had this wild culinary adventure at Sydney Olympic Park. Picture this: a time capsule from the '90s, straight out of 2007-09, and their latest release from 12 years ago is still lingering in my taste buds—it's like a delicious blast from the past! The vibe is uniquely nostalgic, and if you're into that era, you've got to check it out. There's this mysterious allure to the place, like it's frozen in time but in the best way possible. I'm talking about the restaurants olympic park, folks! Trust me, it's like stepping into a time machine with a side of amazing food.

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Re: Nude Restaurant
December 26, 2023 06:47PM
I’ve read this thread three times now and I’m still not sure if you guys are talking about a band or an actual place where you eat dinner in your birthday suit
Re: Nude Restaurant
December 27, 2023 03:23AM
I'd bring my own chair pad.

Will everyone be careful when you're near the salad bar, so nothing, y'know...touches..?
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Re: Nude Restaurant
December 27, 2023 12:59PM
Having just checked out a few songs from this album on YouTube, well ... all I can say is, it's sometimes appalling how much great music goes underneath my radar. Thanks Randy! I'll be looking for this one, when I go out to use the record store gift certificate I got for Christmas.
Re: Nude Restaurant
December 27, 2023 03:12PM
And there you have it. Delvin intends to seek out the Nude Restaurant.

Which is as bad as when I had the local record store order me a copy of the debut album of one of last year's most buzzed about bands, which led to him leaving me a voicemail that he'd have my Jock Strap behind the counter next time I was in

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Re: Nude Restaurant
December 27, 2023 05:15PM
OK, so the band name is the 1990s and the record is called Nude Restaurant. Now it makes more sense. I guess that makes the latter name still unclaimed for a future band.
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