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R.I.P. Marc Raab

R.I.P. Marc Raab
September 14, 2023 01:53PM
Marc was a guitarist/singer and songwriter in various bands on the Colorado Springs music scene. His band Head Full of Zombies was one of the cooler musical mainstays in my hometown -- a Cure/Echo-influenced band with great musicianship. They did a couple of cassette-only releases that, maddeningly, have disappeared from my collection. But their shows always were very cool. He also featured in a few other bands, including the Subterraneans, Evie's Edge and Egamuffin. His daughter Sophie eventually established herself on the COS music scene as well, with her band Nobody's Home.

Marc also was a very talented graphic artist. He provided cover art for albums by a few Colorado-based artists. I have a few of his drawings framed and hanging on the wall in my music room. He told me they were from a graphic novel he had been working on, featuring a character named Miryam -- a female alien who comes to earth and ends up becoming a rock star. A less nihilistic female version of Ziggy Stardust ... so naturally, those illustrations caught my attention.

At the time, Marc was selling some of his artwork to pay for school. He wanted to get a nursing credential. He told me his plan was to work with elderly people. Having cared for my elderly, infirm father-in-law for one day (to give my mother-in-law a day off), I told him that anyone who could pursue that work as a life's calling has my deepest respect.

Rest in peace, Marc, and thank you for everything. You will be deeply missed.
Re: R.I.P. Marc Raab
September 14, 2023 02:04PM
Never heard of him, but he sounds like a swell guy. Sorry for your loss, Delvin.
Re: R.I.P. Marc Raab
September 16, 2023 11:14AM
Here's a video of Head Full of Zombies playing at the Clubhouse Underground -- one of COS' cooler venues back then. Marc is the long-haired guitarist on the right. They're playing "I Got a Thing," a song Marc wrote & recorded with his earlier band, the Subterraneans.
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