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Re: Setlist from last night (30 June)

Setlist from last night (30 June)
July 01, 2023 10:07AM
Episode 8 (I think) of Point/Counterpoint!

"It's You" - The Specials
"It's Not Me" - Supergrass
"Girl on the Moon" - Foreigner
"Man on the Moon" - Sugar

"Get Yourself Together" - The Black Keys
"Let Yourself Go" - Mark Andrews & the Gents
"Put You in the Picture" - Rich Kids
"Out of the Picture" - Robyn Hitchcock

"Man on Mars" - Kaiser Chiefs
"Girl from Mars" - Ash
"Living By Numbers" - New Muzik
"Murder By Numbers" - The Police

"Johnny Contender" - The Laughing Dogs
"Johnny Delusional" - FFS
"Where Have All the Good Times Gone?" - David Bowie
"Good Times Are Now" - Roger Taylor

"I Need to Know" - Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
"I Don't Want to Know" - Nils Lofgren
"Inoculated City" - The Clash
"Sick City Sometimes" - Buzzcocks
"I Want to Be Like Everybody Else" - Sparks
"But I'm Different Now" - The Jam

"First Day" - The Futureheads
"Last Nite" - The Strokes
"Beginning to See the Light" - The Velvet Underground
"Wait for the Blackout" - The Damned

"Face the Day" - Angel City
"Talking Back to the Night" - Steve Winwood

"Clean and Civilized" - The Visitors
"Filthy and Afraid" - Superdrag
"No You Don't" - Sweet (for guitarist Andy Scott's birthday)
"Yes I Do" - The Psychedelic Furs
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Re: Setlist from last night (30 June)
July 02, 2023 04:32AM
Harold Budd and Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins) did a set of point and counterpoint albums..."After The Night Falls," and "Before The Day Breaks." Here are the album tracks:

After The Night Falls / Before The Day Breaks

"How Distant Your Heart" – 4:03 / " How Close Your Soul" - 7:36
"Avenue of Shapes" – 3:27 / "A Formless Path" - 4:23
"Seven Thousand Sunny Years" – 6:19 / " A Minute, A Day No More" - 5:21
"She Is My Strength" – 2:52 / " She Is My Weakness" - 3:41
"Inside, a Golden Echo" – 3:24 / " Outside, Silence" - 4:25
"Open Book" – 5:17 / " Hidden Message" - 4:48
"And Then I Turned Away" – 3:30 / " I Returned Her Glance" - 3:43
"The Girl With Colorful Thoughts" – 4:26 / " My Monochrome Vision" - 4:44
"Turn Off the Sun" – 4:58 / "Turn On The Moon" - 4:21

It's lovely, atmospheric, ambient music, the kind which Guthrie and Budd are famous for. The albums sound almost indistinguishable from each other...on the one hand, it's seemingly derivative, but if you enjoy this sort of music Guthrie and Budd (R.I.P.) are some of the best artists in this genre. Maybe not suitable for commercial radio, but I do listen to similar internet radio streams like this from time to time.

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Re: Setlist from last night (30 June)
July 02, 2023 03:07PM
So did Harold Budd do one of those albums, and Robin Guthrie the other?

Lon Palmer and I used to come up with complementary shows, back when both his program and mine were two hours long.

And my show is not "suitable for commercial radio" either ... if only because I wouldn't tolerate anyone imposing a playlist on me.
Re: Setlist from last night (30 June)
July 03, 2023 03:36AM
Budd and Guthrie collaborated on both albums, apologies for the lack of clarity...indeed, they collaborated on several albums together: their first was on the 1986 album " The Moon And The Melodies," which was basically Cocteau Twins + Budd....the rest are:

"The Mysterious Skin (soundtrack) -2005
"After The Night Falls and Before The Day Breaks" - 2007
"Bordeaux" - 2011
"Winter Garden (with Eraldo Bernocchi)" - 2011
"White Bird In A Blizzard (soundtrack)" - 2014
"Another Flower" - 2020 (I believe this was Budd's last album...he was another COVID-19 casualty).

It's beautiful mood music, I sometimes enjoy listening to it when I am in a creative/meditative frame of mind.

"if only because I wouldn't tolerate anyone imposing a playlist on me."...you have my utmost respect, that is also my attitude when I dj...I'll play Metallica and The Glenn Miller Orchestra back to back when it suits me (and I have)!

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