Setlist from last night (23 July)
June 24, 2023 02:11AM
"Living in the Plastic Age" - The Buggles
"Fast Net" - Brix Smith
"Love and a Molotov Cocktail" - The Flys
"I Can't Stop Thinking About It" - The Dirtbombs

"Sketch No. 3" - The Haller City Howlers
"New Killer Star" [live] - David Bowie (by request)
"Verlaine" - The Whiffs

"Sister Havana" - Urge Overkill (R.I.P. Blackie Onassis)
"Bogus Operandi" - The Hives
"A Love Story" - Sparks
"Heartbeat" - Ghost Transmission

"Loose" - The Stooges (by request)
"Final Girl" - Slalom D
"Roll With It" - Oasis (for guitarist Paul Arthurs' birthday)
"Xanadu" - The Winery Dogs

"Warning Sign" - Talking Heads
"Foolish" - DM3
"Out of Focus" - Blue Cheer (by request)
"Waiting" - Triangle Rain Club

"Reel by Reel" - XTC
"Takes Me Over" - Pale Blue Eyes
"We Are Time" - The Pop Group (R.I.P. Mark Stewart AND John Waddington)

"Brits" - Wingmen
"Silver Rocket" - Sonic Youth (for Steve Shelley's birthday)
"So Scared" - Ciel
"There's Gonna Be a Borstal Breakout" - Sham 69

"All Is New" - The Misanthropes
"Jealous" - Robert Palmer
"Do You Write Your Own Songs?" - Ankle Swingers
"Don't Dictate" - Penetration
"Hollywood Babylon" - Misfits (for Glenn Danzig's birthday)
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