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Re: Setlist from last night (26 May)

Setlist from last night (26 May)
May 27, 2023 04:25PM
"Shaky City" – The Plimsouls
"Over the Hills and Far Away" – The Mission UK (for Wayne Hussey's birthday)
"Bogus Operandi" – The Hives
"Beat Surrender" – The Jam (by request)

"Russian Roulette" – The Lords of the New Church (by request)
"Bleachers Yard" – Cucamaras
"Love Song" – The Damned (R.I.P. Algy Ward
"Know Your Product" – The Saints (ditto)

"Barbarism Begins at Home" – The Smiths (R.I.P. Andy Rourke)
"Takes Me Over" – Pale Blue Eyes
"Power and the Passion" – Midnight Oil (by request)
"Free Parking" – Youth Sector

"I Might Have Been Queen" – Tina Turner (R.I.P.)
"American Woman" – Lenny Kravitz (for Lenny's AND Guess Who drummer Garry Peterson's birthdays)
"Blood on My Knees" – Cathedrale

"Telegram Sam" – Bauhaus
"20th Century Boy" – Placebo
"Jeepster" – The Hollywood Vampires
"Get It On (Bang a Gong)" – The Power Station (by request)

"Steamrock Fever" – Scorpions (by request)
"Breakaway" – The Cars
"Gold Dust Woman" – Hole (for Stevie Nicks' birthday)

"She's Leaving" – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (by request)
"Chains" – Opus Kink
"Cat People (Putting Out Fire)" – David Bowie (by request)

"Lost Time" – The Plimsouls
"Waiting" – Triangle Rain Club
"Ride Your Pony" – The Fleshtones (by request)
"Nutbush City Limits" – Tina Turner (R.I.P.)
Re: Setlist from last night (26 May)
May 29, 2023 12:19PM
Can never argue with a double shot of Plimsouls!
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Re: Setlist from last night (26 May)
May 30, 2023 06:34AM
Glad you think so, Rhett. I will be airing an interview with Peter Case this coming Friday.
Re: Setlist from last night (26 May)
May 31, 2023 12:39PM
"Airing," as in it's already been taped? Well, then you won't be able to pass along the news that Rhett Lawrence was ever-so-slightly disappointed in his new album! smiling smiley

On my last record store visit, I saw he had a new record out, and even though I don't think I'd bought anything new from him in 20 years, I felt drawn to buy it without having heard anything from or about it. The songs are good-to-great, of course, but he seems to largely stick to piano these days, so it just wasn't what I expected. He's either coming through here soon or just has, but I won't make the show. I'll be interested to hear if you see him in Seattle/Everett, Delvin, which is presumably the impetus for the interview.
Re: Setlist from last night (26 May)
May 31, 2023 01:38PM
The piano focus was specific to the new album.
Re: Setlist from last night (26 May)
May 31, 2023 03:42PM
I'm interviewing him this afternoon. And all due respect to you, Rhett, but I think I'll just glide past that opinion. Sorry, but I just don't see how it'll help overall.

And yes, he's playing Seattle on Friday the 9th (and Portland on Wednesday the 7th, at The Old Church, just so's ya know). I'll be able to collect on two free tickets to the show, in exchange for the interview. But I'm booked next Friday, so I'll be using them as a giveaway on the air.
Re: Setlist from last night (26 May)
May 31, 2023 05:48PM
And to be clear, I was just joking about expressing any kind of disappointment to him. The dude's history gives him the discretion to do whatever the hell he wants, regardless of what Rhett Lawrence happens to be expecting!

And glad to hear the piano focus is not his exclusive direction these days. It would make it more likely that I'd go see him next week, but alas, I'm not able to go anyway.
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