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Candy Flip

Candy Flip
May 21, 2023 07:35PM
I’m surprised this site has no entry for “Madchester” band Candy Flip (1989-1992), whose album Madstock enjoyed modest success. Good psychedelic/synthpop rave material.
Re: Candy Flip
May 22, 2023 07:28AM
If you'd care to write something we'll consider it
Re: Candy Flip
May 25, 2023 01:13PM
Yeah, that was a good album that kind of flew under the radar, for the most part, at release but even more so now, you never hear about it. I loved the whole scene, Roses, Charlatans, The Farm, 808 State, Happy Mondays, what a time period. I re-listened to Madstock for the first time in ages last night. It is amazing how things just leave your mind. I first heard Redhills Road on the radio (the old 97X Oxford, Ohio) and that drew me to buy the CD, honestly I hardly listened to that song much after that because the rest of it is so much better than that song. The Beatles cover is pretty cool, especially if you consider when it came out. It might sound kind of dated now because that style of drum beat was driven straight into the ground by so many songs. I absolutely adore Wonderland, especially as a big Heaven 17 fan, the chorus just has that "feel" to it. For sure listening to the whole thing cutting grass this weekend, thanks for the reminder!!
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