Setlist from last night (20 January)
January 21, 2023 10:59AM
"International Pop Overthrow" - Material Issue
"Shot By Both Sides" - Magazine (by request)
"Dan Dare (Pilot of the Future)" - Elton John
"Living Well Is the Best Revenge" - R.E.M.

"Silly Love" - 10CC (for guitarist Eric Stewart's birthday)
"Supply and Demand" - The Hives
"Heartbeat" - Ghost Transmission
"The Mayor of Simpleton" - XTC (by request)

"Under Glass" - Wolf Parade
"She" - Starz
"Center of the World" - Koalra

"I Predict a Riot" - Kaiser Chiefs
"Infra-Riot" - The Soundtrack of Our Lives
"Riot Radio" - The Dead 60s
"New Art Riot" - Manic Street Preachers (for bassist Nicky Wire's birthday)
"Saturday Nite Riot" - The Pink Spiders

"Get Set to Fall Out" - Radio 4
"Does Your Girlfriend Know You're Here?" - I, Doris
"Back on the Sun" - Ednaswap (for guitarist Rusty Anderson's birthday)
"Villa in Portugal" - The Pursuit of Happiness

"Talking to Myself" - Linkin Park (for drummer Rob Bourdon's birthday)
"Fame and Fortune" - Mission of Burma
"The Killing Moon" - Echo & the Bunnymen (by request)

"Change" - Killing Joke (by request)
"Eaten by the Monster of Love" - Sparks
"About a Girl" - Nirvana (by request)
"Heading Out to the Highway" - Judas Priest (for bassist Ian Hill's birthday)

"Bigger Picture" - Sleepy Kitty
"Queen Bitch" - David Bowie
"God of Thunder" [demo] - Kiss (for Paul Stanley's birthday)
"Goodbye" - Paul Stanley (likewise)
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