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Re: Pictures self-titled album

Pictures self-titled album
January 04, 2023 12:05PM
Is anyone familiar with this album?

It's a one-off side project by Andy Rocca of the band Freeez. I've never heard of him or that band. I learned about it recently on the Album Years podcast when they covered 1983. I'm listening now via the YouTube link below. It's definitely intriguing. Not even sure how to describe it... avant-garde arty synth pop? Some of it is downright cringy, but there are some pretty awesome moments as well. If anyone knows this album (or is curious to listen now), I'm wondering what you think about it.


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Re: Pictures self-titled album
January 04, 2023 01:03PM
I heard about it from The Album Years podcast myself, and was similarly intrigued, though I haven't gotten to it yet. Thanks for the links!
Re: Pictures self-titled album
January 04, 2023 08:14PM
My first thought after streaming the link was, “Somebody’s been listening to the Legendary Pink Dots.” Though given the year this came out, they were probably peers rather than an influence. Not bad, though I don’t see myself turning over stones looking for a copy.
Re: Pictures self-titled album
January 05, 2023 10:10AM
I'm finding it strangely alluring. I pulled the trigger and purchased a vinyl copy from Discogs. It will make a unique addition to my collection.
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