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Re: Dick Lloyd but Kirk would

Dick Lloyd but Kirk would
September 13, 2004 12:45PM
skook - inspired by your richard lloyd comments and the frustration of convincing oneself you've come up with an original riff -
Lloyd has some tricky and original stuff. Lately I have a whole new appreciation for Curt Kirkwood who I feel is only matched by, say, Jimmy Pade, Richard Thompson...amazingly to learn and makes you realize the genius inside of it...shame that the Meat Puppets did a 'cut the crap' LP
but better than no Kirkwood on tour I suppose...but how bout that deal with Cris Kirkwood?
Re: Dick Lloyd but Kirk would
September 13, 2004 08:25PM
I finally got to see The Brothers Meat Puppet during Too High To Die, after being a fan since Up on the Sun. Yeah, I always forget about him when someone asks for my favorite players, but he's way up there, kind of a cross between Belew and James Burton. I just borrowed Golden Lies from a friend, probably the only one I haven't heard yet. I have tried to use some of Kirkwood's sort of palindromic style in my music.
Re: Dick Lloyd but Kirk would
September 13, 2004 08:29PM
Oh, yeah is Chris going to prison or something? I read something about that, but... information overload.
Re: Dick Lloyd but Kirk would
September 14, 2004 11:15PM
I think it was a County Jail tour for the parking space incident because it happened on federal (post office) property which makes him a terrorist, doncha know...but he hasn't been well enough to tour OR record with his bro from what I hear...as hard as they used to tour, t's great you got to see them. They used to come as much as 3 times a year from 84-92, sometimes just showing up with short announcement and looking for a place to play like an Eagles or VFW. Was your description (which is creative) of 'palindromic' a lyrical reference or melodic?
Re: Dick Lloyd but Kirk would
September 15, 2004 12:38AM
Chris has been a casualty here in Phoenix for years, sorry to say. What a waste. He showed up to his hearing in federal court in a wheelchair, either due to drug use or being shot by cops or both.

The Meat Puppets never disappointed live.
Re: Dick Lloyd but Kirk would
September 15, 2004 07:50PM
Yeah, sounds like both, and if it was federal court, then it's probably impending federal time unless he's already there...hope he recovers, he was fully 33% of the talent
Re: Dick Lloyd but Kirk would
September 15, 2004 07:20PM
melodic, I like the way the guitar tracks sort of fold back into themselves on some songs.
Re: Dick Lloyd but Kirk would
February 28, 2005 12:01PM
More on Cris Kirkwood. For those of you that fully appreciated the Meat Pups. Cris is hoping for a July 05 release to a halfway house. Write him at:

Christopher Renstrom Kirkwood
F.C.I Phoenix
37910 North 45th Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85086-7055

Your mail will be read then passed on if it contains no controversy. (example, copies of Mad Magazine are out, as are comments about the legal system and the 'case', but word puzzles are a favorite). He can't receive books, magazines, etc. but accepts money orders into his commissary account for razors, etc. (He is bankrupt except for a little bit he will receive upon release from the RYKO re-releases). He plays standup bass in a band there. Receiving mail is a highlight. He still suffers from the shooting including pain and wheelchair use. They can not remove the fragments from his spine. He can not respond to mail, use a computer or accept stamps/envelopes but says the mail has helped him through.

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