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Duran Duran & Niles Rodgers' Chic

Duran Duran & Niles Rodgers' Chic
September 08, 2022 01:11PM
To the basketball arena and land of $10 bottled water (and $100 - no typo - DD t-shirts) for this one.

Nile Rodgers' Chic hyped up the crowd big time (probably more than the headliner) with essentially a medley 70s/80's hits, incl. Bowie, Madonna, and Pointer Sisters' "We Are Family" & Diana Ross "I'm Coming Out." Cell phone lights filled the arena for "Get Lucky."

Headliner seemed...well, bored and mechanical for probably the first few songs (opened with "Wild Boys," one of my least favorite DD songs) until they kicked into high gear by around the 30-minute mark. They did play "Invisible,""Tonight United" and "Anniversary" from 'Future Past' - "Anniversary" being one of DD's best song in years. I appreciate that they didn't stay in 80's jukebox mode the whole evening, though it would have been nice to hear some of their Japan'ish stuff like "Night Boat" if they found room for "Careless Memory."

Whole arena went bonkers when they got to "The Reflex."

They encored with - what else? - "Save a Prayer."

It was nearly full (not a sellout) with several patches of empty seats. Ground level seats were packed. Nosebleeds where we were, lots of people were switching to unsold seats in the same section. There were a TON of "girls night out" and mother/daughter +1's in the crowd, which goes to show (for all the band's longevity) they're still apparently seen as a teenybopper-grown-up act, though there was probably just as big cross-section of couples. Hardly any kids (children "kids" or adolescent "kids") but mostly all adults.

Don't snooze on the opener and it'll be a great time.
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Re: Duran Duran & Niles Rodgers' Chic
September 08, 2022 04:02PM
Save for the songs from Future Past, it sounds very much like the show I saw six years ago ... almost to the day.
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Re: Duran Duran & Niles Rodgers' Chic
September 08, 2022 04:14PM
Why oh god why would they OPEN with Wild Boys? I agree, it’s a kind of a dirge. They should come out with guns blazing….they’ve got the catalog.
Re: Duran Duran & Niles Rodgers' Chic
September 09, 2022 08:28AM
$100 Duran Duran T-shirts??! The price of coke must be skyrocketing!

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