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Re: RIP Olivia Newton-John

RIP Olivia Newton-John
August 08, 2022 04:30PM
I know it's terribly uncool, but I was a big fan of Grease when it was released in 1978--it was the first musical I saw theatrically--and I had the soundtrack album. I also got a kick out of Xanadu, though I did not own that particular soundtrack.

I also liked her song "A Little More Love." RIP!
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Re: RIP Olivia Newton-John
August 08, 2022 05:30PM
I never was a fan of ONJ's music, although I wouldn't say I disliked it (except for the Grease soundtrack, which I actually did dislike). To me, she was just one of those artists whose songs were on the radio, week after week, no matter where I went.

On the bright side, her photographs were everywhere in the '70s as well. I have to say, I didn't mind that one bit. Rest in peace, Dame Olivia.
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Re: RIP Olivia Newton-John
August 08, 2022 07:09PM
In the same week as Judith Durham of The Seekers. Hope it's not a case of things coming in threes.
A dude from my school turned up at the local suburban tennis courts here on Sydney's northern beaches. They'd usually be someone around you could have a game with. When he got there, the place was deserted except for one ONJ sitting on the bench, waiting for someone to turn up and "have a hit". Keep in mind, this was about 1978 and he was 12.
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Re: RIP Olivia Newton-John
August 08, 2022 07:47PM
I didn't know until I was *cough,cough* years old that "Physical" was about s-e-x. Major record labels are run by some of the biggest morons in the world - same ones who nixed Karen Carpenter's solo material because they didn't want to offend the pearl-clutchers.

Pre-"Grease," for those who don't know this, she was in a movie called "Toomorrow" (1970) with Shakira Caine (Michael Caine's wife) and Stuart Henry, who was a BBC DJ. And then she had to go to Rydell High...

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Re: RIP Olivia Newton-John
August 09, 2022 09:42AM
Alas, I've never seen Toomorrow, though I notice it's available on YouTube. It sounds like a real hoot. I'm an admirer of the picture's director, Val Guest, who helmed some of Hammer's classic films (including The Quatermass Xperiment and Hell Is a City), as well as the fantastic The Day the Earth Caught Fire. Toomorrow, incidentally, was co-produced by the renowned Paul Shaffer impersonator, Don Kirshner.
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