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Nuggut of the whenever - Big Hat

Nuggut of the whenever - Big Hat
April 23, 2022 11:53PM
Art-pop/Dream-pop/Goth-lite from Chicago, 1992-ish:


(Dunno why links are betraying me these days...)

Saw this bunch when I was stuck living in Springfield, IL. Very few bands of note ever passed through that town, so when I saw a write-up for them in the local Village Voice equivalent and they sounded moderately interesting, I checked them out. And they were fucking beasts live. You wouldn't know it from their fairly genteel studio recordings, but for a band consisting of a doof on what looked like a dimestore synthesizer, a violinist, a percussionist who seemed to mostly play pots and pans and an airy-fairy vocalist, they absolutely cooked.

They were friends of Corgan, but were never really able to break out of the Chicago region. I think they managed to get one short half page article in Alternative Press and that was about it for national coverage. They eventually changed their name to My Scarlet Life, which was probably a marginally better name than Big Hat, but not enough to change their fortunes.

Now there's a completely different band named Big Hat, which seems to be a weirdly popular terrible name for a band.

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