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the band-the band

the band-the band
September 12, 2004 05:08AM
Like the other 46 records (thats all i have right now) of the 50 greatest albums Mr. Robbins pegged, I find this Lp especially astonishing. An incredible musicmaking acheivement that i must listen to again in order to discover why i adore it so much. Where are my granola bars!
Re: the band-the band
September 12, 2004 10:12AM
a great great album--there's a knock-out trib on new drive-by truckers called manuel/danko; i think manuel is like gene clark, chris bell, richie furay, eddie kendricks, john entwistle: second-class citizens in their bands but monster unrecognized talents.

these are the 4 non IR albums that you don't own, union city, new jersey's new fave parlor game:

Holly and the Italians
Arthur Alexander
Canned Heat Live

speaking of moonglows: i'm no expert on ANYTHING and my R&B starts when David Ruffin and Otis step up, but i have moonglows stuff:
1. on chess which makes them a little more musically interesting
2. sincerely is a great song
3. they were a bridge between flamingos and dominoes and orioles up to early motown
4. co-leader harvey fuqua HAS to be an interesting cat--the roots of R&B FLOW from him (Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, Philly)

a. marrried barry gordy's sister
b. worked with early smokey so who really is architecht of motown sound (??)
c. formed the spinners
d. was managed by Alan Freed
e. as mentioned, worked closely with chess family
Re: the band-the band
September 13, 2004 12:27PM
My guess is:

1. b
2. d
3. c
4. a

What's the prize?
Re: the band-the band
September 14, 2004 08:36PM
Mr Baker, (a frequent union city parlor patron)
nirvana has grown several pairs of legs over the past thirteen years but will return again soon, ditto for Paulie Chastain & Rick Menck's Velvety Crush...however, the culprit who blagged this one is obvious...people around the West Palm Beach area tell me the swine plays it night and day all over town. Having fun on quaaludes with Elvis. You win via a technicality with the The Creation "we are paintermen"...a first press would be equal to cleaning about 60, 000 dishes at my dennys dishwashing job...so i had to settle for the EDSEL reissue' How does it feel to feel." Oh well. i am impatiently awaiting "something else" via recent ebay transaction...bu bu bu bu baa baa baa baa!
Arthur Alexander is the real gulf coast ****.
Holly and the Italian's is an absolute hallucinatory masterpiece of rock music.
the creation in their time-ahead of their time, but ALL TIME.
canned heat at topanga is like going camping with some friends who bring along their instruments and moonshine instead of tents. i love it.
Re: the band-the band
September 15, 2004 07:23PM
Weren't some of The Italians part of Tom Verlaine's back-up band post-TV?
Jimmy Ripp?
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