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Spouse rock

Spouse rock
April 05, 2022 08:34PM
When I was reading the douche rock thread, I started thinking about my spouse. She loves Bon Jovi, Loggins and Messina, etc. These are bands I find utterly faceless and boring. However, if she asks, I am happy to download this stuff for her and put it on her mp3.
She hates my taste in music. She says it is too weird or sounds like death. Anyone else in that position? I love her to death (no irony intended). She did love This Mortal Coil and the Blue Nile upon exposure. Bands I love (like Wire, for instance) are totally unacceptable for her ears.
Cannot get my Grandkids to like this stuff either. (Well, my 6 year old granddaughter loves Kraftwerk. There may be hope.)
Re: Spouse rock
April 06, 2022 08:35AM
I unwittingly reactivated the Douche Rock thread [which predates my account here] when I suddenly remembered Loverboy and out of curiosity searched on the terms: "Loverboy"+"Douche Rock" and it led me back to the TP forum! I love this place!

My spouse and I bonded over our fairly overlapping tastes in Rock. Initially it was just down to running into each other at the same local shows with garage/punk acts we followed in Orlando: The Hate Bombs, Potential Frenzy, Psycho From Texas, The Exotic Aarontones. Then we discovered that we held candles for Bowie, and Roxy Music and settled into a relationship.

She was from Akron, so she exposed me to great music that was really only popular in America due to WMMS in Cleveland. Great bands like The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Cockney Rebel. But she also brought along Led Zeppelin for the ride. I discovered that "Physical Graffiti" was one I could live with. She brought the complete works of David Warner into the mix. I only knew about the 3rd album on CBS in 1979! And she discovered that synthesizers were't just disco. Ultravox! and John Foxx used them to very different ends.

I almost forgot my favorite story! One Sunday morning I was making breakfast and was playing my LP of "Taking Tiger Mountain [By Strategy]" and she started singing along with "The True Wheel!" I told my friend chasinvictoria about this and he simply said "marry that woman!"

Former TP subscriber [81, 82, 83, 84]

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Re: Spouse rock
April 06, 2022 10:59AM
I've talked about it here before, more than once: My future wife and I met on a blind date, and we were sitting at a bar, just to chill out and get better acquainted, when Roxy Music's "More Than This" came on over the speakers. When we heard that opening riff, we both perked up in exactly the same way. Avalon still was a very new album; its singles hadn't reached a broad audience yet. So we knew we'd each found a kindred spirit.

Almost 40 years later, she's still my new wave girl. Our tastes don't match 100 percent, but we generally agree on what's cool and what's douche. She listens to my radio show most Friday nights, and doesn't hesitate to tell me when I played something she didn't like. But she's never requested or suggested anything that she knows won't fit into my format. (She was a DJ at her college station during grad school, so she knows how it goes.) And if she declines to go to any particular concert with me, it's far more likely to be because of a schedule conflict or concern than because she simply doesn't want to see the band.
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