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Southeastern frat parties

Southeastern frat parties
September 12, 2004 04:53AM
For some reason, (6 or 7 beers?) I remember being in North Carolina for a short time in '84 and it seemed like everyone i met was in a band. The musical vibe in the air was something you felt, and it was measurable.
And then the other day i came home from work - no power - day five, compliments of Hurricane Frances, and all these guys were hanging around(my daughters) talking about singing better and effects pedals. Something definately is in the air, again. So I asked myself what is the connection between the two happenings, stretched out over twenty years? Alas, I have found the answer, record levels of unemployment!
Re: Southeastern frat parties
September 13, 2004 12:12PM
The greatest topical punk explosion always seemed (to me, anyway) directly related to the Reagan era. When George W squeezed in, I thought we'd have another era of topical folk-slash-hardcore-slash-whatever. But maybe the unemployment factor is the component? Maybe those bands just get ignored these days outside of Bad Religion, NOFX and grrl fokies? Or is it yet to come?
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