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Re: R.I.P. Nicky Tesco

R.I.P. Nicky Tesco
February 27, 2022 04:31PM
Vocalist of the Members.
Re: R.I.P. Nicky Tesco
February 27, 2022 11:29PM
Awww, how sad ... I got to meet Nicky when we did lights for The Members on their last U.S. tour with him. Good guy ... and a frontman who really knew how to rouse an audience, even on a weeknight in a one-horse town. Rest in peace, Leningrad Cowboy.
Re: R.I.P. Nicky Tesco
February 28, 2022 08:40AM
Great band that never got much traction in America.
Re: R.I.P. Nicky Tesco
February 28, 2022 09:56AM
Loved the At the Chelsea Nightclub lp - which I got as a cut-out, confirming that its sale numbers must have been disappointing. They were also on the Urgh - A Music War soundtrack, playing "Offshore Banking Business", but their greatest song must be "Solitary Confinement", a wonderful teenage anthem.

For Delvin, if you ever get around to putting together a show of instrumental numbers, "Electricity", the lead track from Chelsea Nightclub, is a great one.
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Re: R.I.P. Nicky Tesco
February 28, 2022 10:50AM
Sad to hear. I always had The Members pencilled in on my "investigate later" list and later never happened. For no good reason.

Former TP subscriber [81, 82, 83, 84]

For further rumination on the Fresh New Sound of Yesterday®
Re: R.I.P. Nicky Tesco
February 28, 2022 12:42PM
That track off the Urgh soundtrack was my introduction.

But seeing the ‘working girl’ video on early MTV was what endeared them to me. Their albums were always worth a spin.

That’s IT. NO MORE obits for 2022 hopefully!?!
Re: R.I.P. Nicky Tesco
February 28, 2022 01:07PM
I've thought about an all-instrumental show. Thanks. (Any other suggestions/requests are welcome.)
Re: R.I.P. Nicky Tesco
February 28, 2022 02:58PM
Other great instumental tracks in the TP vein, since you ask, Delvin:

"Circus" by The Jam (pretty obvious)
"The Thin Air" by Magazine (off Secondhand Daylight)
"Gravelrash" by Midnight Oil (off Breathe)
"The Choral Sea" (off True Colours) or "Albert of India" (off Waiata), both by Split Enz
"Coelacanth" by Shriekback (off Oil and Gold)
"Theme from the Vindicators" from The Fleshtones' debut EP, or their version of "Day Tripper" from Brooklyn Sound Solution
"The Diving Board" by Ed Kuepper (from A King in the Kindness Room) which is something of a throwback to his days with the Laughing Clowns.

All of Cafe Tacuba's Revés is instrumental (except for one track) whereas the companion record Yo Soy is all vocal except for one untitled track. A bunch of very good ones there.

In the same vein, Broken Social Scene's first album, Feel Good Lost, is all instrumental except for one track, and they have played instrumentals on most of the records they have released since then (for example, "Meet Me in the Basement", from Forgiveness Rock Record).

Flaming Lips had recorded a bunch of them as well, including the "Main Theme" from 7 Skies H3 or the title track from Oczy Mlody, but they tend to be spacy and moody and perhaps more suited to "Dead Electric" than "20 Flight Rock".

I had already mentioned in a previous discussion a couple of recent ones: "Respiration", the lead-off track from Axlaustade's selt-titled recent album (a bunch of others on that one as well), and "Carelessly" by Joe Sampson and Friends, off Unfinished I (Sampson is normally the leader of New Zealand band Salad Boys).

And of course, Bowie is a master of those. "Speed of Light" is a classic.

That could start you off to program a full show.
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Re: R.I.P. Nicky Tesco
February 28, 2022 03:52PM
Other great instrumentals, just off the top of my head:

Ashra - "Ice Train"
David Bowie - "Crystal Japan"
Brian Eno w/Daniel Lanois & Roger Eno - "Silver Morning"
Heldon - "In the Wake of King Fripp"
Japan - "Canton"
Mick Karn - "The Sound of Waves"
King Crimson - "The Sheltering Sky"
Phil Manzanera - "Diamond Head"
Bill Nelson - "The Passion"
Neu! - "Hallogallo"
The Shadows - "Wonderful Land"
Simple Minds - "Theme for Great Cities"
Tangerine Dream - "Cinnamon Road"
Tubeway Arm - "I Nearly Married a Human"
Frank Zappa - "Peaches en Regalia"
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Re: R.I.P. Nicky Tesco
March 04, 2022 04:22PM
Some more instrumentals, from my music collection:

Afghan Whigs - The Vampire Lanois (1965)
Ash - Obscure Thing (Trailer)
Blondie - Europa (Autoamerican)
Blur - The Debt Collector (Parklife)
Buzzcocks - Walking Distance (Love Bites)
Cheap Trick - Oh Boy (In Color)
The Clash - Listen / Time Is Tight / The Cool Out (all from Black Market Clash)
Cloud Nothing - Tall Gray Structure (The Black Hole Understands)
Cranes - The Puppet (Forever)
The Dead Weather - 3 Birds (Horehound)
Dexys Midnight Runners - The Teams That Meet in Caffs (Welcome to the Young Soul Rebels)
Dumas - Capitale du monde (Traces)
Eels - Where I’m At (The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett)
Elastica - Miami Nice (The Menace)
Goat Girl - Jazz in the Supermarket (On All Fours)
Robyn Hitchcock - Chinese Water Python (Eye)
The Hives - The Hives Are Law, You Are Crime (Your New Favourite Band)
Indochine - La Buddha affaire (7000 Danses)
Jimmy George - Venezuela (Hotel Motel)
Louise Attaque - La Valse (À plus tard crocodile)
Martha & the Muffins - Twenty-two in Cincinnati (This Is the Ice Age)
Mercromina - Ninguna parte (Canciones de andar por casa)
Morphine - Miles Davis’ Funeral (Cure For Pain)
New Order - Elegia (Low-Life)
Oasis - The Swamp Song (The Masterplan)
OMD - Architecture and Morality (Architecture and Morality)
Placebo - Bullet Proof Cupid (Sleeping With Ghosts)
Iggy Pop - Drop a Hook (Soldier)
Radio Birdman - Alien Skies (Living Eyes)
R.E.M. - Zither (New Adventures in Hi-Fi)
Mick Ronson - Slaughter on 10th Avenue (my version comes from Ian Hunter's Welcome to the Club)
The Selecter - The Selecter
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Infantry (Join Hands)
Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness)
The Smiths - Oscillate Wildly (Louder Than Bombs)
Social Distortion - Road Zombie (Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes)
Spoon - This Book Is a Movie (Girls Can Tell)
The Stranglers - Yellowcake UFO (The Raven)
Sylvain Sylvain - Forgotten Panties (Paper, Pencil and Glue)
Tame Impala - Jeremy’s Storm (Innerspeaker)
Ultravox - Monument (Monument)
Tom Verlaine - The Blue Robe (Dreamtime)
Paul Weller - Song For Alice (22 Dreams)
Jack White - High Ball Stepper (Lazaretto)
The White Stripes - Aluminum (White Blood Cells)
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