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boston phoenix

boston phoenix
December 16, 2021 03:03AM
Not a band, though might be a good name for one . but looks like a village voice type paper. all issues are now available in the internet archive if interested . [archive.org]
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Re: boston phoenix
December 16, 2021 01:56PM
Cool, thanks for this. I love wading thru old newspapers and magazines. Since this is a Boston paper, I looked for the earliest mention of Jonathan Richman, and found this fascinating article from Feb 1974:


References to: a number of apparently unrecorded Modern Lovers songs, Jojo forming a new band with Moe Tucker (?!), quoting lyrics about "hippie Ernie," not "hippie Johnny," the album that "will probably never be released."

I've spent way too much time (digitally) flipping thru ye olde issues of Billboard, esp. the record reviews (it's gotten to the point where I now think of an orchestra or female singer as an "ork" or a "thrush") , as well as this fantastic site:

And I was going thru the complete archives of a Northwestern-area mag, but can't remember what it is now. Anyone?
Re: boston phoenix
December 16, 2021 03:06PM
The seattle rocket [www.readingtherocket.com]
Re: boston phoenix
December 16, 2021 03:35PM
That's it! Thanks.
Re: boston phoenix
December 16, 2021 03:45PM
Was "hippie Ernie" Ernie Brooks? I was surprised to find out that "hippie Johnny" was actually future Real Kids founder John Felice.

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