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Dream Baby Dream…

Dream Baby Dream…
November 29, 2021 01:13PM
Last night I dreamt that I was hearing newly unearthed recordings of Husker Du backing Paul Westerberg. Very surprising to me, as I had no idea such recordings existed. But then figured, well, they’re both from Minneapolis, makes sense…
Alas, I can’t remember what the songs sounded like. Any tips on smuggling a tape recorder into Slumberland?

(I also had a dream that I was working in a temp office job with among other people, both Joan Crawford and Betty Davis. They weren’t talking to each other, naturally, but Betty was nice to me. All of this, of course, is neither here nor there..)
Re: Dream Baby Dream…
November 29, 2021 03:01PM
Which reminds of the time that Paul Westerberg came to play Liberty Lunch here in Austin during the years when Bob Mould lived here. I had a spot on the GL for the show, but foolishly decided I was too tired and didn't go, finding out the next day that Mould had jumped onstage and played 2-3 songs with Westerberg. Damn laziness...

Addendum: some internet research reveals the songs were "Ace of Spades" and "I Wanna Be Your Dog."

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Re: Dream Baby Dream…
November 29, 2021 04:38PM
Wow, so I wasn’t necessarily dreaming the impossible dream. Haven’t read that book about the ‘Mats so don’t know if they had any relationship with the Huskers.
Re: Dream Baby Dream…
November 29, 2021 08:35PM
If they EVER develop a way to record our dreams, I’m in. Even if it means putting a microchip in my cerebellum.

I’ve dreamed lots of songs, and I’ve wished they could be retained. Non-existent ‘65 Beatles b-sides, the new Britney Spears song on the radio (when there isn’t one), full sets of originals by dreamt-up bar bands.

Flipping through the pages of the new Stephen King novel (and I’ve never read anything by him). What was on those pages?? Gobbledegook or a logically-crafted entire novel??

Walking through a crowded mall in my dream… are all those faces ones I’ve actually seen, or made-up faces?
Re: Dream Baby Dream…
November 30, 2021 01:40PM
A long time ago I had a dream in which I was watching a reformed Clash perform live. This was before Joe Strummer's death. The song they were playing was not a real song, but I remember it was in the vein of "The Card Cheat" and thinking it was the greatest song ever.
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