"Rain" Songs
November 06, 2021 01:00PM
KINKS- "Rainy day in June" (irony intended)

And speaking of the Kinks...
During the start of the pandemic I decided to rearrange my music keepers from alpha to chronologic. So far, It's been a worthwhile investment of labor in order to save time when making selections. But, it just occurred to me that of late, that the majority of my "now playing" selections in that wonderful 1965-1972 era.

I must say, without any hesitation or reservation, The Kinks albums from : Kontroversy, Face to Face, Something Else, Are the Village Green Preservation Society, Arthur or The Decline and Fall English Empire, Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One, Muswell Hillbillies and yes, yes, yes! "Everybody's in Showbiz" get my vote- hands down, as THE quintessential oeu·vre of the period.
Re: "Rain" Songs
November 06, 2021 05:22PM
You won’t get any argument from me. There was an amazing, funny and persuasive rundown of the Kinks discography in the sept 1980 issue of Creem that I first read when I was 14.

I’ll bet I’ve read it easily fifty times since then. It totally got me excited about seeking out the Kinks’ classic albums that you mentioned. I’ll add that if you get a chance to hear ‘kinks kronikles’, that has more output from their classic era.
Re: "Rain" Songs
November 08, 2021 08:07PM
I've got the Kronikles set BIP, it's great. Especially, for it's stack of non-album tracks.

Strange though, because it doesn't include "See My Friends"
Re: "Rain" Songs
November 07, 2021 08:11PM
happy when it rains
i can't stand the rain
rainy days and sundays
love reign o'er me
rainy day women
here comes the rain again
Re: "Rain" Songs
November 08, 2021 01:10AM
"Stuck in the Rain" – Payola$
"Purple Rain" – Prince
"Red Rain" – Peter Gabriel
"Black Sheets of Rain" – Bob Mould
"Pray for Rain" – Bob Mould
"Forecast of Rain" – Bob Mould
"Standing in the Rain" – Hüsker Dü
"Flowers in the Rain" – Kaiser Chiefs
"Sure Got Cold After the Rain Fell" – ZZ Top
"Automatic Rainy Day" – The Go-Go's
"Only Happy When It Rains" – Garbage
"The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)" – Missy Elliott
"Walking in the Rain" – Flash & the Pan
"Louisiana Rain" – Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
"Rain Rain Rain" – Roxy Music
"A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall" – Bob Dylan
"The Summer Rain" – Shoes
"When the Rain Comes" – The Jacobites
"Hey Mr. Rain" – The Velvet Underground
"The Rain Song" – Led Zeppelin
"Fool in the Rain" – Led Zeppelin
"So. Central Rain" – R.E.M.
"The Sound of the Rain" – The Dils/Rank & File
"Pray for Rain" – Guadalcanal Diary
"Hold Back the Rain" – Duran Duran
"Rain Child" – Max Webster
"My Head Is My Only House When It Rains" – The Tubes
"Have You Ever Seen the Rain" – Credence Clearwater Revival
"Who'll Stop the Rain" – Credence Clearwater Revival
"Rain Street" – The Pogues
"A Rainy Night in Soho" – The Pogues
"Prayers for Rain" – The Cure
"Rainy Day, Dream Away" – The Jimi Hendrix Experience
"Still Raining, Still Dreaming" – The Jimi Hendrix Experience
"Shadows in the Rain" – The Police
"Ocean Rain" – Echo & the Bunnymen
"Fire in the Rain" – Agent Orange
"English Summer Rain" – Placebo
"The Sun and the Rain" – Madness
"I Wish It Would Rain" – The Temptations
"Thunder and Rain" – Graham Parker & the Rumour
"Europe After the Rain" – John Foxx
"A Place in the Rain" – Joe Jackson
"Shelling Rain" – Alejandro Escovedo
"Ray Ray Rain" – Bettie Serveert
"You Call It Rain" – Old 97's
"After the Rain" – Angel City

Wonder if I can get a setlist out of this ...
Re: "Rain" Songs
November 08, 2021 09:13AM
“Rain” - the Cult
“Death Valley Rain” - Steve Wynn
“Rained Like Hell” - Jack Logan & Bob Kimball
Re: "Rain" Songs
November 08, 2021 09:51AM
Seems like you already have!

If you want something brand new to add, I'm listening right now to the new album by The Black Watch, which comes out on 11/19, and it has a song called "Days When the Rain."
Re: "Rain" Songs
November 08, 2021 06:51AM
I think the only thing you guys left me was “Rainy Days and Mondays” and “Raindrops keep falling on my head”
Re: "Rain" Songs
November 08, 2021 10:09AM
"Rain" is also one of the lesser known Beatles song (B-side to "Help", I think) but an interesting one.

One of my favorite lyrics of the last few years is
"You must be somewhere in London
You must be loving your life in the rain"
from "England" by The National.
Re: "Rain" Songs
November 08, 2021 10:43AM
Good grief, how we all missed that one I don't know.

I think "Rain" is as prototypical an example of 60s psychedelia as there is, right up there with "Tomorrow Never Knows." Good call.
Re: "Rain" Songs
November 08, 2021 12:59PM
Deacon Blue - "Rain Town"
Andy Taylor - "When the Rain Comes Down"
Comsat Angels - "After the Rain"
King's X - "Sunshine Rain"
Midnight Oil - "In the Rain"
The Alarm - "Rain in the Summertime"
Re: "Rain" Songs
November 08, 2021 01:59PM
Ed Kuepper -" Standing in the Cold, In the Rain"
Re: "Rain" Songs
November 09, 2021 11:35AM
"I Wish It Would Rain" - Wreckless Eric
Re: "Rain" Songs
November 09, 2021 03:10PM
"I Can't Stand the Rain" - Tina Turner
"I Love a Rainy Night" - Eddie Rabbit
"It's Raining Men" - The Weather Girls

Not in the title, but maybe "Dreams" - Fleetwood Mac
Similarly: "Three Feet High and Risin'" - Johnny Cash
Re: "Rain" Songs
November 10, 2021 10:36PM
Harem Scarem - Hard Rain
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