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Re: Fixing warped vinyl

Fixing warped vinyl
November 03, 2021 10:48AM
Has anyone ever tried to un-warp a vinyl album? I bought the Human League's Fascination ep from a thrift shop yesterday for the princely sum of $1.18. I checked the surface condition which was fine, but didn't notice the warp. I looked online and found this website that offers methods for fixing the vinyl: https://www.wikihow.com/Fix-a-Warped-Vinyl-Record

Before trying any of these, I thought I'd throw it out to the forum...have any of you tried one or more of these methods (other than the prevention, of course)? What were the results?

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Re: Fixing warped vinyl
November 03, 2021 05:18PM
I’ve tackled this situation twice… once successfully, once not.

Both times I put the record (in a paper sleeve) between two flat pieces of plywood, held tight with c-clamps, and put it in an oven.

The successful time I made sure the clamps were not placed over where the record was situated and I only kept it in oven a short time. (Less than 10min?)

The unsuccessful time I placed the clamps right over where the record was and left it in oven too long ( over a 1/2 hour?). The record was flat but grooves got melted and where the clamps were placed was ruined.

I might try the no-heat method mentioned in your article first as it’s the least risky. But you need patience.

If you wreck the record, I wouldn’t fret… I see that particular Human League one now and then at decent prices so at least it’s not something difficult to replace.
Re: Fixing warped vinyl
November 03, 2021 08:02PM
Thanks for the input. I currently have it placed between 18-in tiles, two on top to provide sufficient weight. I'm going to give it a few days to see if it does anything. The record is severely warped. Had I noticed I wouldn't have bought it, even for the very inexpensive price.
Re: Fixing warped vinyl
November 04, 2021 10:37AM
Warps never show themselves until you try to play them on your home turntable! Let us know how you make out….
Re: Fixing warped vinyl
November 04, 2021 02:11PM
If it's a little warped, I do the ol' put-a-nickel-on-the-tone-arm trick. Even tape that sucker down, if necessary. But severely warped? I'm too chicken to try any of those methods.
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