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Dead Man's Pop

Dead Man's Pop
October 06, 2021 01:39PM
I know I'm a year late to this subject, but what did people think about the Matt Wallace mixes of Don't Tell a Soul?

I'm shocked at how lame they are.
Re: Dead Man's Pop
October 06, 2021 02:39PM
I like the new mix. I can hear instruments I didn't even realize were there, the midrange squashing of the Lord-Alge mixes is gone, acoustic guitars are crisp instead of wishy-washy, and some of the songs - "Darlin' One" being a good example - are transformed for the better. Everything sounds airier and more open, more like a band playing the songs rather than a track-by-track build (even if that's how it was actually recorded).

If I have any criticism of the box set, it's that a lot of the extras aren't of any real quality, and they might have been better off just releasing the new mix as a single disk. But I have zero issues with the mix itself.
Re: Dead Man's Pop
October 06, 2021 04:44PM
I thought it sounded good, but that's just listening to it without any comparison to the original mix. I hadn't listened to that album (other than "I'll Be You") in 30 years.
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