RIP RIchard H. Kirk
September 21, 2021 10:41AM
Re: RIP RIchard H. Kirk
September 21, 2021 10:42AM
Very sad news:

Re: RIP RIchard H. Kirk
September 21, 2021 11:20AM
Saddened to read of Kirk's passing. Those early CV albums, particularly Mix-Up and The Voice of America, provided my earliest exposure to any music that might be described as "avant-garde." Their later singles like "Sensoria" didn't make me whine about the selling-out of a once-cutting-edge band, mainly because they were cool records. Rest in peace, Richard, and thank you for the music.
Re: RIP RIchard H. Kirk
September 21, 2021 12:00PM
I was sad to see this news this morning too. I got into CV around the time of The Crackdown and went backward from there. For "dance music," that mid-80s stuff from them was pretty layered and intense.

Anyone hear the record he put out last year under the band name?
Re: RIP RIchard H. Kirk
September 21, 2021 08:25PM
I have a hell of a lot of the CV canon. All of the stuff from Rough Trade through "Code." Then, only "Body + Soul" album. And the various archival sets that hit those eras. I've not bitten for the pre-Rough Trade archival material... has anyone heard that?

CV is a powerful body of work that alone among the bands I love, deconstructs the Control Process first and foremost. I noted with interest last year's "Shadow Of Fear." Most of my commenters on took issue with Kirk using the CV name, but what I heard seemed to embody the ethos of the band, so I was open to hearing more. I still need to find a copy. I am so far behind I still only have the first Wrangler album with Mallinder and Benge. Sad to hear he's gone. He was an insanely prolific dude with about 25 names he put out what is probably a bewildering array of electronic work.

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Re: RIP RIchard H. Kirk
September 22, 2021 08:46AM
Just this past weekend I listened to #8385 pretty much all the way through. I had a lot of the music from this era on albums and 12" when I was in college. When you got the right people to your party, pull out Do Right or Sensoria (12" version) and let it rip. So I was quite taken aback by the story popping up on my feed yesterday morning. I will dig a little deeper this coming weekend. RIP

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