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Anita Lane RIP

Anita Lane RIP
April 29, 2021 09:39AM
I'm not familiar with her solo work (oddly, given my obsession with Australian rock of her generation), but she co-wrote Nick Cave's "From Her to Eternity" and "Stranger Than Kindness" and the Birthday Party's "Dead Joe," and that ain't nothin'.


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Re: Anita Lane RIP
April 29, 2021 06:03PM
Time to check out her two platters Mr Toland.
Dirty Pearl is great. She was very underrated.
Re: Anita Lane RIP
April 29, 2021 11:00PM
Indeed. Though they're way the heck out of print, I see. There's nary a (legitimate) copy of Dirty Pearl to be had on Discogs.
Re: Anita Lane RIP
April 30, 2021 01:28AM
She also sang all the Jane Birkin and B Bardot parts for Mick Harvey’s swell Serge Gainsbourg covers albums.

Covering a Chic song, of all things, (“Lost in Music”) was unlikely- imagine Nick going disco - but worked nicely.
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