RIP Tony Pola
April 04, 2021 07:06PM
Damn fine drummer for Beasts of Bourbon and Kim Salmon & the Surrealists. Wrote the lyrics for the Beasts' The Low Road (written about his friend and rhythm section partner, the late Brian Hooper).
Re: RIP Tony Pola
April 04, 2021 08:30PM
Ah, man. That sucks. He and Hooper were a great team - hopefully they're reunited and kicking some poor guitarist's ass right now. What was COD?

At least he got to make one more Beasts record (for those that don't know: Still Here, done in tribute to the late Spencer P. Jones and Hooper, under the name the Beasts). Man, being in the BOB takes a heavy toll, apparently.

Update: it's an old story, done almost two years ago, following the deaths of Jones and Hooper, but it's got some reflection on the part of Tex Perkins: here

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Re: RIP Tony Pola
April 05, 2021 06:25PM
That's a nice piece (which I missed at the time). Haven't seen COD mentioned, just the usual at home, surrounded by family etc.
I do know he was still working, on a couple of soundtracks for independent film.
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