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Nggt of the Day - Food & Money

Nggt of the Day - Food & Money
February 23, 2021 08:46AM
New wave from Springfield, Illinois


Springfield was about as far back as a backwater could be in 1980, aside from the fact that Adrian Belew was living there at the time (and was listed in the phone book, as I discovered when I checked while in Springfield on a National Guard weekend in 81 or 82.) That said, I don't think he was connected with this band - who sound varyingly like early XTC, Wall of Voodoo, Devo or straight-up punk depending upon the song - in any way beyond maybe hanging out in Appletree Records at the same time as them at so.e point.
Re: Nggt of the Day - Food & Money
February 24, 2021 06:45PM
Cool! And their retrospective comp album is up on Bandcamp, yay.
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